GASCA members are invited to the following workshop:

May I upload this? Publications in Social Anthropology between paywall and free access

24 June 2024, 15-16:30, online

Many scholarly publications that have been published in books or journals in the traditional way can be subsequently published in open access and sustainably archived, to be findable and reusable online.

The online workshop focuses on secondary publications, also known as Green Open Access or self-archiving. Why is it worthwhile for researchers to release their publications for open re-use? Under what legal and contractual conditions may their own texts be made available online? Where can secondary publications be deposited and what support do libraries, repositories and open access organisations offer?

The online workshop is organised by the specialist societies DGEKW and GASCA for their members and is organised by the DFG-funded project EthnOA – Open Access (sub-project of the FID SKA) and the BMBF-funded project In addition to an introduction participants will have the opportunity to ask open questions in a Q&A session.

The workshop will take place on 24. June 2024 from 15-16:30 in Webex.

If you are interested, please register for the event event by 20 June 2024 via the DFN booking tool ( The event is free of charge, the number of participants is limited.

If you have any questions about the event, please send an email to Dr Kathleen Heft (EthnOA project, or to Linda Martin ( project,