GASCA membership



Social and cultural anthropologists can become full members of the GASCA, regardless of their nationality. You need the endorsement of two ordinary non-student members or honorary members for your admission to the GASCA.

Students can also become full members after the 4th semester and after presenting a certificate of enrolment. (see also § 5 in GASCA constitution).

PhD students are not automatically considered student members. Please contact the office for details.

An application for membership can be made informally or on our application form to the office.

Please download your application, fill it out (ideally also the direct debit authorisation please) and send it to the GASCA office.

Please contact the office for further queries.

Please note that in all cases TWO SIGNATURES must be submitted by full members endorsing your membership. Otherwise your application cannot be processed.

Membership fee

Since 2023, the annual contribution for members with an employment of more than 65% has been € 135 if a direct debit authorisation is issued. Members with a position of up to 65% pay €90. Students and the temporarily unemployed pay a reduced membership fee of €40. (If a direct debit mandate is not granted, the contribution increases by € 5).

The membership entails:

  • the Journal of Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • the members’ magazine “DGSKA-Mitteilungen” (published online)
  • Access to electronic ressources online (Berghahn E-Books and -Journals, Ethnographic Video Online, Anthropology Plus), see herefor more information
  • the possibility to participate in the GASCA conference, which takes place every two years, and to organise or propose workshops.
  • the right to vote and participate in the general members’ meeting

Furthermore, members can join or found working or regional groups.

Payment options

The easiest way for everyone involved to pay the membership fee is to give us a direct debit mandate. We will then automatically collect the contribution from your account once a year on 1 July.

Please understand that we can only debit from German accounts.

Of course you can also pay the membership fee by bank transfer, Paypal (see below) and also by credit card.

Bank details: (for security reasons we have written out the numbers)
Account holder: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sozial- und Kulturanthropologie
Postbank Frankfurt am Main
IBAN DE09 5001 0060 000 four three one three six zero nine

Payment via credit card or direct debit per PayPal

By popular demand, the DGSKA also offers the option of paying the membership fee by credit card or direct debit via the service provider PayPal. The membership fees are slightly higher as they include fees incurred. You must also have a PayPal account or create one during the payment process.

Fee for a position of up to 65%

95 €

Fee for a position of over 65%

140 €

Reduced membership fee

45 €

Honorary members

Over the years, many deserving scholars have been awarded honorary membership:

  • Ursula Far-Hollender
  • Hans Fischer †
  • Peter Fuchs †
  • Ulla Johansen †
  • Mark Münzel
  • Helga Rammow
  • Erhard Schlesier †
  • Gerd Spittler
  • Josef Franz Thiel
  • Carola Lentz